Indonesian Training Centre

Where to go during off days – Indonesian Helpers

Are you an Indonesian helper? Not sure where to go during your off days?

Do you employ an Indonesian helper? Looking for a good outlet for your helper during her rest days?

Why not check out the Indonesian Training Centre located at Siglap Road. Setup by the Embassy of The Republic of Indonesia in Singapore for Indonesian domestic workers, it is also called “Centre for Education and Training for Indonesian Domestic workers” (also known as P3K). The Centre is running on Sundays from 10 am until 5 pm

The Centre is currently offering programmes as follows:

Indonesian Training Centre

  1. English Course
  2. Computer Course
  3. Sewing Course
  4. Hairdressing Course and Facial Course
  5. Equivalency School for Junior Secondary (Paket B)
  6. And Equivalency School for Senior Secondary Level (Paket C)
  7. Mandarin Course
  8. Caregivers basic training

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